31 March, 2020

1st ACTIVITY in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

From the 21st to the 24th of May 2019 took place the first activity of the project in S-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) where all the partner organizations of the project participated. The objective was to analyze the situation that surrounds the entities participating in the project from the point of youth unemployment, as these organizations collect information and data, interpret them and serve as a basis for the development of projects, activities or services that aim to improve youth employability. The objective is to support entities in locating variables or data that may be useful in preparing projects.

The agenda included 2 visits to local institutions, on the one hand, the office of WeenerXL that provides financial support (social assistance payments) and helps people (between 18 and 65 years old) to find work, solve their financial, social and personal problems and motivate them through social activation and social participation. WeenerXL also offers in-house employment opportunities for disadvantaged and disabled people. For unemployed youth (16-27 years old), we have formed a team of advisers / trainers of specialized work. They help these unemployed youth find a job, return to school, or coordinate other matters (health, family, financial and / or personal circumstances).
On the other hand, the partners visited Koning Willem I College (KWIC) which is also a regional training center located in the city of s-Hertogenbosch. The work is being done on the job placement of young refugees from Syria and Eritrea.

The partners took advantage of the meeting to briefly discuss the status of the project, development of activities, coordinator payments in accordance with the Financial Agreement, and quality and dissemination activities.

After this meeting, the partners prepared the first output of the project, consisting in a booklet with 6 webinars where each partner explains the situation in the country.