31 March, 2020

2nd ACTIVITY in Cremona

From the 6th to the 9th of November 2019 took place the second activity of the project in Cremona (Italy) where all the partner organizations of the project participated. The objective was to analyze in detail the local employment initiatives that each of the organizations is carrying out, and to select those that will later form part of the Guide of good practices that is prepared within the framework of the project.

The agenda included the presentation by all partners of those initiatives to promote youth employment or services, projects that seek to improve their employability. The services that the Cremona City Council develops in collaboration with the Cremona Chamber of Commerce and its projects to promote entrepreneurship among young people were also presented. The agenda included visiting the business of a successful young entrepreneur who had used these services. The SPRAR project was also presented, a project of the Cremona City Council that works with refugees and seeks to insert them into the labor market.

The partners took advantage of the meeting to briefly discuss the status of the project, development of activities, evaluation and dissemination, coordinator payments in accordance with the Financial Agreement and final project activities.